Things I’ve made throughout my career.

I’ve worked on a lot of different things throughout my career. From building custom WordPress sites for clients to Shopify stores to developing a an interface for a tablet used in a conference booth. I love getting involved in new things and helping companies find creative solutions to their needs. Recently I've been mostly focused on building applications with NextJS or JAM Stack projects.

  • Alvarado Street Brewery

    Shopify maintence and theme updates including some custom liquid development

  • Shopify Hydrogen Channel

    A Shopify channel that allows you to connect manage and deploy your Hydrogen custom storefront

  • Coverdash

    Website and user dashboard built with nextjs and supabase.

  • Shopify Developer Docs

    Implement custom landing pages throughout the newly designed dev docs.

  • Kong Konnect Platform

    Cloud based service for Kong's api management software.

  • Website

    Built a new custom marketing site on Wordpress in under 3 months. In addition I continually work on internal Vue & React applications.

  • Zooka Creative Website

    Redesign for creative agency Zooka Creative in San Jose, Ca.